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We Are UnitedLex: Kaushik Majumdar


After nearly a decade in the business world, Kaushik Majumdar had built a broad set of customer relationship management experience skills – but he wanted to be part of something bigger.

His phone rang while mall shopping on a Sunday in early 2007. UnitedLex CEO Dan Reed was in Gurgaon, India and wanted to meet. The UnitedLex office was next door.

Reed explained his vision: A fast-moving company that would democratize the legal industry and bring innovation to a sector that otherwise moved glacially. Majumdar loved what he heard. “That day I realized that if Dan wanted, he could have sold me my own house.”

Majumdar was in search of an adventure. After dreams of serving in the Indian military were dashed by a failed medical exam, university and corporate life had yielded comfort and boredom. He wanted to work for a company on a mission.

When he joined UnitedLex shortly after meeting Reed, the company was a startup with 22 people in India and the U.S. The team outgrew its space in Gurgaon, India so quickly that showing up late meant being stuck in the hall. “Or, you could install yourself in the EA Sports FIFA testing office next door,” Majumdar recalls. “Many of us can take some credit for the final version of FIFA 2010.”

For the dedicated Liverpool Football Club fan and a firm believer of the club’s motto, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” UnitedLex’s early access to the world’s most popular football (soccer) video game was soon outweighed by the work itself, which he compares to an especially fast-paced match.

“From the start, we’ve developed a new DNA every five years,” Majumdar says. “We are always evolving – only the ethics stay the same.”

Throughout the company’s growth over the next decade – including enough India-based employees to field an entire UnitedLex football league – Majumdar says retaining a startup mentality has remained crucial to success both for the company and as a senior employee.

“When people ask how I’ve been in one place 13 years, it’s been many different roles and diverse projects,” he says. “It’s a blank page every time, and it keeps you from hitting snooze on the alarm clock in the morning.”

Going Digital

As part of UnitedLex’s earliest DNA, Majumdar managed projects ranging from the company’s first ISO 27001 certification to the construction of a new floor to accommodate the growing numbers of employees. In 2009 Dan Reed asked him from Tampa Florida for around six months to work with a leading US law firm.

It was around this time that he and Reed would lunch frequently when Dan made a pitsstop at Tampa and compared notes. Across the U.S., both had found broad opportunities for change within law departments and firms.

One example Majumdar remembers well: Lawyers were printing and mailing invoices to a billing department that would adjust the invoices and mail them again. “For one law firm to send out $30 million in invoices, they were spending $5 million without knowing it,” Majumdar recalls. “We transitioned them to a system that allowed invoicing to happen digitally.”

UnitedLex spent the next decade building pioneering digital solutions that would transform the legal industry. In 2020, Majumdar says Digital is experiencing an inflection point that harkens back to his early days with the company.

Although one client has become dozens at a time – the energy, he says, feels just like those early days.

“We’re taking risks in a more sophisticated way,” he says. “Before it was just effort, now we have effort and significant momentum.”

“We have been in startup mode for all these years,” he adds. “And that’s exciting. With Digital Transformation, we are doing something the market has not done yet. We’ve reinvented the wheel, right from the outset.”

Majumdar says that movement keeps him excited about what is ahead. “If the last 10 years are a baseline, whatever I’m doing a decade from now will look totally different.”

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