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UnitedLex’s Stance Against Racism and Inequality

By Daniel Reed, Chairman of the Board



The past few months have been an incredibly trying time for our society—the combined impact of the global health crisis as well as profound social unrest is testing us in ways we have not experienced in a very long time. Some events incite levels of frustration, anger, and uncertainty that truly shock the senses. The tragic murders of African Americans George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery have resurfaced long-held racial and social inequities, igniting protests across more than 75 cities in the United States.

This is an important moment in history to raise our collective consciousness of those aspects in our society that are untenable; and further, to affirm our views and corresponding actions to ensure we are not bystanders but rather leaders in our world.

I believe the best way forward—and for us to honor the memories of these victims—is to bolster our awareness, galvanize our position, and take action.

UnitedLex’s Position on Social Injustice

At UnitedLex, our workforce is made up of a myriad of backgrounds and skill sets. We are steadfastly committed to fostering a work environment and culture that embraces diversity and inclusion of thought, background, race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ability. It is well-documented that when organizations promote and sustain a diverse workforce—which operates inclusively—they perform significantly higher than those that do not. Put simply, our diversity makes us stronger.

As a company, we reject racism at its core. We acknowledge the centuries of history that led to this moment. We do not believe it is enough to be non-racist; we must be anti-racist. These statements are not political in nature, they are objective and definitive. It does not matter where one is on the political spectrum—as a company, we believe the path to healing and the strengthening of our societal fabric hinges on equality.

Over the last week I have reflected on these moments and I encourage you to do the same. As a global team we must learn to have empathy and understanding for those with whom we may not necessarily identify. We must encourage open and honest dialogue with one another.

While it is a start, educating ourselves is not enough. How can we as individuals and as an organization challenge the status quo?

Taking Action

At UnitedLex, these events serve as a call to action—to continually reinforce an inclusive culture in which every one of us feels empowered and has access to the same opportunities.

The UnitedLex Foundation has committed to supporting organizations that aim to dismantle racial bias and inequality across society. The Foundation will make material financial grants over the next five years beginning with:

During the course of this year, we also will sponsor events that raise awareness of inequality challenges and foster initiatives that drive change. Taking action also includes maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards while serving our clients especially as we face the challenges of today, many of which we could never have fathomed.

I thank each of you for your resolve, your dedication, and your commitment to emerge from current events in a continued position of strength and integrity.

Your voice matters, so please raise your hand to leadership with any ideas or questions concerning how UnitedLex can best support our communities.

Individually and collectively we can make a massive difference.


Daniel Reed

Chief Executive Officer

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