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Social Justice & Equality Council Drives Meaningful Change for UnitedLex and Communities


New York, NY – UnitedLex, the leading technology and legal services company, has engaged and activated a diverse cross-section of employees from across its organization to
launch a Social Justice and Equality Council. The Council’s membership is comprised of over 180 employees—across 15 global regions—possessing a myriad of backgrounds and skill sets.  

The Council’s primary goal is to foster an inclusive, receptive, and welcoming environment that supports employees both personally and professionally while advocating for justice and equality. This is the first time in the history of UnitedLex that the organization has formed a global committee to address social justice and equality.  

Co-chaired by R.T. Stokes, Director of Business Insights, and Amy Ambroson Reid, Director of Culture and Engagement, the Council aims to bring awareness, drive advocacy, and take action on racial inequality and social justice issues throughout the UnitedLex ecosystem and the communities in which it operates. 

“The Council is committed to listening and learning from its diverse membership and their collective experiences and insights, leading by way of example in our company and in society. We are comprised of individuals who have a passion to create meaningful change around issues that matter most—equal access to opportunity, advancement, safety, and diversity and inclusion of thought regardless of background, race, ethnicity, religion,
gender identity, sexual orientation, or ability,” said R.T. Stokes.

“Launched in June 2020, it is just the beginning for the Council and I’m excited for its continued growth and for it to become an effective platform for UnitedLex to take action against racism and oppression in all its forms,” concluded Stokes. 

UnitedLex is an anti-racist organization with a mission to do more than just make statements—instead, working to effect meaningful change. To support organizations that aim to dismantle racial inequality, UnitedLex has made multi-year financial commitments through
its Upward! Foundation to: 

In addition to financial support, UnitedLex plans to sponsor events to raise awareness of inequality and foster initiatives that drive diversity and inclusion. And as part of its global plan to effect change, through its Upward! Foundation, UnitedLex recently completed a 30-day
Charity Challenge raising money for the TRIBE Freedom Foundation to support its global initiative to end modern slavery and human trafficking.

“At UnitedLex, we have the power to push the envelope and change the status quo. With employees across the globe activated, together we can contribute meaningfully to an inclusive culture where everyone is empowered to have a voice and equal access to success,”
said Amy Ambroson Reid. “Our desire to think creatively about solutions, try new ideas, and not be afraid to fail is what keeps me engaged every day at UnitedLex.” 

For more information on the Social Justice and Equality Council and to learn more about UnitedLex’s anti-racist stance, visit: 

About UnitedLex 

UnitedLex is a technology and legal services company committed to delivering full-scale Digital Transformation. The world’s most forward-thinking law departments rely on the company’s expertise in over 25 global jurisdictions. Founded in 2006, the team includes 3,000 legal, engineering, and technology professionals with major operations in 18 countries. 

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