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[Legaltech News] UnitedLex Announces James Schellhase as New CEO in ‘Seminal Moment’ for the ALSP 


On September 13th, 2023, UnitedLex announced the appointment of James Schellhase as Chief Executive Officer, only the second CEO since the company’s founding in 2006, with founder and current CEO Dan Reed moving into the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Legaltech News reporter Rhys Dipshan was the first to speak with Schellhase and Reed on the day of the announcement in an exclusive interview where they talked about the synergy between the two when they first met in 2018:

“[There was] clear synergy and energy in the room [around] Dan’s ability to push boundaries on the way people approached common problems that were very, very repetitive and [how] innovation was not taking hold,” Schellhase said. “He did not have a myopic view of how business should be run. … And that’s the way I looked at enabling progress in the industry myself.”

Read more about how this new leadership brings an added dimension to the company’s already industry-leading approach to legal modernization and will accelerate its ability to deliver demonstrable value to its global clients: UnitedLex Announces James Schellhase as New CEO in ‘Seminal Moment’ for the ALSP | Legaltech News (

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