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A purpose-built modeling application to support corporate legal teams with building operating models that create digital efficiencies and deliver sustainable value.

Luma‘s diagnostic interface maps and visualizes desired business outcomes with proven ways to scale, ensuring operational excellence and value creation, powered by decades of knowledge and thousands of data points.

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“We can now predict and assure with a high-degree of precision, measurable business outcomes for legal departments that create value, which is even more important as our clients face volatile market conditions.” Dan Reed, CEO

Powered by decades of subject matter expertise across Litigation, Intellectual Property, Legal Operations, and Contracting and Services. This knowledge combined with research forms thousands of data points forming the brain behind Luma.

The diagnostic interface visualizes connections among desired business outcomes, challenge areas, and strategic areas to form a model based on specific input provided by clients.

Each individual Luma model generated provides a specific set of solutions based on the desired business outcomes for each client, that will deliver proven ways to scale to ensure operational excellence and value creation.

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A Luma session includes a collaborative discussion with our experts, who will listen to and understand your challenges using the Luma predictive modeling application. You will receive immediate results that will recommend solutions, based on your desired business outcomes to create digital efficiencies and deliver sustainable value.

Focuses on understanding your business issues and providing end-results.

Leverages technology and thousands of data points to evaluate nuanced solutions.

Identifies solutions based on your specific needs to deliver sustainable value.

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