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A Sea Change for Trade Secret Protection? The Potential Noncompete Ban, Employee Departures, and Digital Forensics

Vantage Knowledge Management

Connecting legal teams with knowledge and precedent. ​

Our unique, goal-oriented suite of solutions, built on a collective understanding of law firms and corporate legal operating models, delivers modern ways of working and reduced risk. With a proven, data-first approach to knowledge management, we help legal become a business value driver, not just a cost center.

Precedents and processes that create enterprise value.

Solve common data challenges, unlock key trends, and leverage data to streamline processes.​

Digital first draft

Automate legal drafting tasks and receive consistent first drafts for high-volume, repeatable matters.​


Serving as both a technology and managed service, Cybrarian provides a platform for business and legal to centralize Q&A, reuse attorney work product, and report on performance insights. ​

Intelligence repository

Vantage Intelligence Repository (VIR) houses data, reviews work product, and codes decisions and metadata from prior matters. VIR leverages coding across matters to reduce re-review and duplication of efforts.

Actionable insights

Proactively make better legal and business decisions by identifying and assessing sources of litigation or investigations based on historical company and case data.​

Services across the litigation lifecycle.

Legal hold, collection, and forensics

Tenured forensic analysts deliver defensible processes and apply technologies in compliance with all court-accepted methods. Our holistic approach ensures effective management across standard (M365) and emerging data sources (Teams, Slack, Bloomberg).

Early case assessment

Blending proprietary and industry leading technology with our legal and data science expertise, we build the right analysis solution for every matter, delivering cost reduction, speed to legal intelligence, and risk mitigation.

Processing, hosting, and productions

Through a combination of industry standard processing tools, our experts help select the best platform for client matters. Secure hosting locations around the globe allow us to deliver consistent service levels while adhering to local data privacy laws.

Document review

We provide clients scalability and flexibility to help them meet the dynamic needs of their matters. Our global review teams have the longest tenure in the industry and deliver consistency and quality.

Litigation support

Integrated with the discovery phase and beyond, a specialized AI-driven team leads response drafting, witness kits, deposition preparation, and trial team support to maximize outside counsel strategy.


We consult and help identify challenges and opportunities for process improvement including Discovery Health Assessments, secondments, COE creation, playbook development, mega-matter consultation, and expert testimony.

With Vantage, data becomes your strategic advantage.​

Technology-enabled services, analytics, and AI bring speed to intelligence, elevated attorney strategy, and faster results.

Convert document review from a burden into an opportunity with a tenured team and technology-centric approach.​

Quickly find key documents to make critical decisions fast, such as whether to settle, proceed, or collect more information.


Delivering at the leading-edge of digital and legal.

A Sea Change for Trade Secret Protection? The Potential Noncompete Ban, Employee Departures, and Digital Forensics

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Modernization is a Strategic Imperative for Today’s Litigation Function  

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Unlocking Faster, More Accurate Reviews

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