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From Lab to Table: Intellectual Property Trends in Alternative Proteins

Make confident decisions from the courtroom to the boardroom.

From transactional litigation matters to portfolio design and management, Vantage Core, our proprietary data science and analytics toolkit, overlays our services for confident decisions and rapid response. 

Powered by Vantage OS, Vantage Core leverages technology and insights for speed to intelligence and elevated attorney strategy. 

Aggregate, analyze, and visualize data like never before.

Vantage Operating System (V OS): Our software powers data insights and foresights through data assembly and infrastructure.​

Vantage Intelligence Repository (VIR): VIR aggregates millions of human decisions to leverage attorney work product for data reuse and strategic decisions across a litigation portfolio.​

Vantage Models and Dynamic Objects: Curated and developed data models evolve over time providing levers to rapidly evaluate options and strategies.​

Data Scientists, Engineers, and Legal Data Experts: Our teams ensure constant, real-time technology integration and analytics-guided decision making and reporting.

Matter Level Support

We provide on-demand eDiscovery support with access to our proprietary and best-in-class technology. ​

Portfolio Level Support

Our dedicated team designs and delivers across matters with reporting on insights to inform iterative improvements.

Vantage Core

Elite data science and consulting services customized for value creation provide legal departments actionable insights that optimize spend, reduce risk, and enable better decisions, faster.

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Services across the litigation lifecycle

Legal Hold, Collection, and Forensics

Our tenured forensic analysts design and execute defensible processes and apply technologies in compliance with all court-accepted methods. We take a holistic approach to ensure effective data management across standard and emerging data sources.

Early Case Assessment​

Blending proprietary and industry leading technology with our legal and data science expertise, we build the right analysis solution for every matter, delivering cost reduction, speed to legal intelligence, and risk mitigation.

Processing, Hosting and Production

Through a combination of industry standard processing tools, our experts help select the best platform for client matters. Secure hosting locations around the globe allow us to deliver consistent service levels while adhering to local data privacy laws.

Document Review​

We provide clients scalability and flexibility to help them meet the dynamic needs of their matters. Our global review teams have the longest tenure in the industry and deliver consistency and quality.


Integrated with the discovery phase and beyond, a specialized AI-driven team leads response drafting, witness kits, deposition preparation, and trial team support to maximize outside counsel strategy.


We consult and help identify challenges and opportunities for process improvement including Discovery Health Assessments, secondments, COE creation, playbook development, mega-matter consultation, and expert testimony.

On-prem, cloud, and proprietary technology.

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Delivering at the leading-edge of digital and legal.

AI-Powered Document Review: How CAL Can Speed Up Your Next Case

Unlocking Faster, More Accurate Reviews

Performing Effective Privilege Logging with RAPID PrivLog

When considering Generative AI to streamline privilege logging, be sure to match the tool to the approach.

Evaluating eDiscovery Providers: 10 Essential Considerations 

Selecting eDiscovery providers? Consider their financial health, migration expertise, and security protocols to ensure your legal operations are efficient and secure.

Powering Privilege Logging with Generative AI

As legal professionals navigate new use cases for AI, it is imperative that they maintain their duty of diligence.

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