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Strategic Outside Counsel Management

Respond with confidence, speed, and precision.​

Our technology and AI solutions enable control when it matters most. Utilizing human-driven analytics, proprietary technology, and custom designed workflows, we quickly define the extent of exposure and quantify obligations to the company, customers, employees, and third parties.

Elite digital forensics and incident response. ​

​Working in partnership with cyber insurance companies, cyber consultancies, and law firms assisting with a data security matters, our technology and global resources identify private and sensitive information (PXI) quickly, to determine the best path forward in the early and critical timeframes of a data breach.

Rapid response when time is of the essence.

Our global, dedicated incident response review teams work around the clock to collaborate with counsel and prioritize data types for immediate analysis. They ensure the PXI extraction efforts are complete and ready for the final step of developing a high quality and accurate notification list. ​

Resources to reliably respond to the unforeseen.

Our teams continually innovate and refine AI strategies to identify personal data to speed generation of notification lists and reduce the number of documents needing review. As part of this innovation, we partnered with Open Discover by dotFurther, with exclusive deployments, to power more inclusive and precise identification of PXI in significantly less time, improving review times from days to just hours. ​

Services across the incident response lifecycle.

Processing and hosting

Our optimized processing platform generates notification lists for structured and unstructured data. 

Early incident assessment and planning

Blending proprietary and industry leading technology with our legal and data science expertise, we build the right analysis solution for every matter, helping you budget and deliver on time while providing cost reduction, speed to legal intelligence, and risk mitigation.

Programmatic identification of entities and parties

Our technology forward solution uses optimized analytics and AI processes including custom models and client specific lists to identify any breached data.

Expert human review of incident response

​Our global teams provide expert human identification using deeply experienced resources to deliver consistency and quality across the documents requiring human annotation.


Delivering at the leading-edge of digital and legal.

Are you leveraging AI in your litigation?

Conduct concurrent first-pass and secondary review workflows, such as issue coding, privilege review and redaction applications, for greater cost savings and faster time to results.

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