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An Update and Possible Solutions in the Apple Watch Saga

Legal Invoice Review​

Control spend and reduce administrative burden with a strategic program anchored in data.

Trusting outside counsel, legal vendors, and advisors to act in their best interests can result in quickly mounting litigation costs, and companies ignoring this facet of the business often end up significantly overpaying.

Legal invoice review saves money, without reducing headcount, that can be reinvested into the business.​​

A well-crafted legal invoice review program​ addresses the biggest challenges faced by corporate​ legal teams and law firms:

This is about more than billing hygiene and compliance. It’s about having a holistic spend management strategy and telling your story to leadership and improving external partnerships with firms and vendors.

Bottom-line savings are just the beginning

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Cardinal Health and UnitedLex:​ A legal invoice review success story​

UnitedLex outside counsel and invoice review results:

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Average monthly saving

0 %

Decrease in invoice approval time

0 %

Decrease in in-house approvals

The Challenge

The Solution

A legal invoice review program that employs these​ critical elements fosters success while reducing​ administrative burden:

Experienced Subject Matter Experts

Experiencematters when reviewing legal invoices. Expertscan ensure invoices comply with in-house billingguidelines and blend guidelines with industry best practices to ensure compliance.

Tailored Review Approach

tailored review approach should include a customized workflowfor invoice approvals, escalation protocols, standardized appeal workflows, and data tracking.

Enforcement of Billing Guidelines

A monitoredapproach ensures enforcement of billing guidelines so legal departments avoid using resources to track down information and debate previously established policies.

Transparency and Quality Measures to Bridge​ Gaps

Through transparency and improved data quality, legal invoice review should clear the disconnect between legal spend managementand legal operations goals. 

External Relationship Quality Assurance

The invoice review team should encourage firm/vendor compliance and understanding, educating them on the appropriate invoice submission process and format to eliminate incorrect submissions.

Streamlined Communication and Continuous​ Improvement

The program should ensure enhanced communication between stakeholders and legal service providers, merging feedback into training loops that promoteefficiency.


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