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Legal Invoice Review

Reap the benefits of good billing and review practices with a strategic program anchored in data.

Our data-driven approach to optimizing legal spend and risk management integrates analytics, technology, and efficient processes.

We collaborate with you to deliver a tailored program that helps you save time and money.

Tackle the biggest challenges faced by legal teams and law firms:

Bottom-line savings are just the beginning.

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Critical elements that foster success while reducing administrative burden:

Subject Matter Expertise

Expertise is critical to ensure invoices comply with in-house billingguidelines and adhere to industry best practices.

Tailored Review Approach

tailored review approach should include a customized workflowfor invoice approvals, escalation protocols, standardized appeal workflows, and data tracking.

Guidelines Enforcement

A monitored approach that ensures guidelines enforcement saves time and resources used to track down information and debate previously established policies.

Transparency and Quality Measures

Through transparency and improved data quality, legal invoice review clears the disconnect between legal spend management and legal operations goals. 

External Relationship Quality Assurance

The invoice review team should encourage firm/vendor compliance and understanding, educating them on the appropriate invoice submission process and format to eliminate incorrect submissions.

Streamlined Communication

The program should ensure enhanced communication between stakeholders and legal service providers, merging feedback into training loops that promoteefficiency.


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