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5 Litigation and AI Trends to Watch in 2024

Source Code & Patent Litigation Solutions

When winning is the only acceptable outcome.

Our powerful suite of source code, reverse engineering and patent litigation services delivers formidable evidence for favorable outcomes in court.

Our bench of technical consultants is experienced in patent litigation and working with outside counsel. We bring a novel approach to source code review and other technical evidence collection to deliver authoritative results when you need them most.

Case strategies anchored in authoritative patent analyses.

When the stakes are high, we have you covered.

Collect critical evidence impacting claim limitations at the onset of discovery. We help improve your position across matters and disputes with proven data models, technology, and search methodology.

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Innovation in IP management.​

We deliver insight and capabilities that align IP strategy to business realities resulting in measurable value.

Resources and expertise to scale, build, and manage IP–on time and on budget.​

Protect and maintain the value of brands and the trademarks that keep them enforced.

Grow the bottom line by maximizing the value of IP portfolios while reducing costs.​

Confident decision-making delivered through a full spectrum of patent insight and intelligence solutions.​


Delivering at the leading-edge of digital and legal

Source Code Review: A Powerful Tool in Technology Patent Infringement Litigations  

Source code review provides an inside look of how software products work. It is critical to getting an objective look at how a technology behaves, communicates with other devices, stores data, and executes various operations.

Apple Forced to Halt Sales of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2

Apple could avoid the import ban by moving manufacturing to the US, but that would introduce a host of legal and business challenges — including wilful infringement – which can lead to enhanced damages.

Optimizing Your IP Program: 3 steps for achieving greater ROI

This report shares strategic insights on managing to the bottom line without sacrificing accuracy or competitive positioning.

Decoding Semiconductor IP Legal Battles: A Focus on the Role of Schematics and Layouts

Semiconductors are vital for driving performance and functionalities in all modern devices that have become integral to our society

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