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2024 IP Impact Study:
Trends in Benchmarking Value

Measuring IP impact from all angles.

Insight from 200 IP experts

In Q1 of 2024, UnitedLex commissioned a third party to survey 200 senior IP professionals to benchmark how in-house and private practice IP professionals measure impact. 

Measuring IP impact

The report explores how both law firms and corporations measure the efficacy of their intellectual property processes and the impact of the IP assets they secure and enforce.

What is the data telling us?


of law firm respondents said they expect investment to be mainly focused on hiring support staff


of in-house teams expect IP filing volumes to increase due to growing high-tech and biotech development


of law firms name resource constraints and IP specialization labor costs top challenges to profitability


of in-house experts look at revenue per patent as a way to measure success of their IP

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2024 IP Impact Study: Trends in Benchmarking Value