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AI-Powered Document Review: How CAL Can Speed Up Your Next Case

What’s behind the screen of an iPhone 15 Pro?

For our engineering team, the most exciting part about Apple releasing the iPhone 15 is doing a teardown of the device. While most people with the new iPhone are texting and taking photos, we got busy in the lab reverse engineering the device to see what’s inside.

Check out the video to see what we discovered around the technology updates such as:

  • A17 PRO chip – 3nm TSMC
  • Wi-Fi 6E
  • Camera system with the new image sensor, Tetra prism, and 3D sensor-shift OIS
  • USB – C
  • mmWave system

We will release a deeper analysis of the teardown soon. Click here, or on the button below, to get a copy of the article emailed to you.

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