Vantage Intelligence Repository: Optimize Case Outcomes with Legal Data

Vantage Intelligence Repository (VIR) is the cutting-edge, proprietary legal technology that flips the narrative on legal data. Instead of viewing growing volumes of data as a burden, legal can now transform data into a strategic advantage by capturing institutional knowledge that becomes richer over time.

VIR maintains fingerprints for reviewed documents, along with the associated coding decisions. As new documents are collected for ongoing client matters, VIR compares those new fingerprints against those of previously cataloged data. When fingerprints are matched, VIR calculates easily interpretable scores indicating how likely those documents are to be important based on prior decisions.

Knowledge Management Done Right.

For even more strategic insight, user-friendly interfaces that include powerful reporting are easily customized to your needs. You will get a consolidated, historical look across your matters – without the costs and risks of perpetually hosting reviewed documents. Book your demo to see how VIR helps you:

  • Eliminate waste from redundant work

  • Accelerate review time with coding reuse

  • Improve consistency between workspaces and productions

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