The Smoking Gun: Evidence, Discovery, and Digital Forensics

A Case Study

In his default judgment for discovery abuse in the case of Red Wolf Energy Trading, LLC v. Jylkka, et al, U.S. District Court Judge Mark L. Wolf sent a stern message – failure to produce documents will not be tolerated.

But, with new communications channels constantly appearing, organizations, their legal teams, and their outside counsel must ensure they’re working with a credentialed EDI provider with in-house expertise in digital platforms to ensure nothing gets missed. Oftentimes, with exorbitant sums and reputations on the line, getting to the bottom of these complex cases takes a level of digital forensic expertise and understanding of the legal implications that cannot be underscored.

This case study includes a detailed interview with Derek Duarte, Esq., Senior Vice President, Litigation & Investigations at UnitedLex and Colleen Freeman, Senior Director, Global Litigation at UnitedLex, takes a deep dive into the methodologies and expertise that played a pivotal role – indeed finding the smoking gun in a series of missing Slack messages – in the ruling.

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