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A Sea Change for Trade Secret Protection? The Potential Noncompete Ban, Employee Departures, and Digital Forensics

The Next Major Acquisition Target in the Gaming Industry

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The gaming industry is going through a tremendous paradigm shift after accumulating a mind-boggling market share of $180 billion in 2021, with countries like United States and Japan accounting for majority of this. This industry was spring boarded by the COVID-19 pandemic, seeing huge boosts of revenue as people looked to gaming for entertainment at home. The industry is expected to cross the $300 billion mark by 2027.

Raghav Sharma of the UnitedLex Intellectual Property team, explores the preliminary insights from the patent portfolio of both Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts (EA), as well as other IP trends in the industry. Download the full white paper to learn more about the shift occurring in gaming.

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