Managing Managed Review: Expert Guidance from Leading Practitioners

The sheer volume of data subject to discovery demands in complex litigation and investigations has increased exponentially in recent years. More and more, law firm litigators and discovery professionals are being asked to use managed review providers to organize, cull and classify documents pertinent to their cases with a goal towards decreasing costs, condensing timelines, and deploying skilled technical professionals to create efficiencies while meeting critical discovery needs.

Join us as leading practitioners who have mastered the art of the managed review process discuss their learnings to maximize value and share successes including:

  • Tips for provider selection – sample questions to assess expertise and technical skills needed to achieve the specific goals of your work – and red flags to avoid

  • Review of ethical obligations for lawyers when supervising an outside provider

  • Types of litigation where managed review has been most effective

  • How to effectively work together in the interest of the law firm’s clients or shared clients

  • How providers can create value for law firms

  • Defining the scope of your work to ensure predictable pricing

  • Establishing expectations, timelines and deliverables

  • Guidance to effectively communicate with global teams and counterparts

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