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Haleon Awarded “Healthcare and Life Sciences Team of the Year” at World Trademark Review Industry Awards 2023 

Legal Tech’s Revolution is Exacerbating Mental Health Issues. How Can We Fix the Problem?

By Daniel Reed, CEO and Board Member

“Legal technology’s thousand-mile-an-hour expansion has opened theoretical opportunities for lawyers to flex their creativity,” writes UnitedLex CEO Dan Reed in this recent Legaltech News article, yet legal professionals still feel the pressure inherent in staying tuned-in 24/7 to their clients’ demands. “Put simply, because they can be logged on anywhere, they must always be logged on.” Offering insight on mental health in the fast-paced legal industry, Reed notes that more legal education can help. “Proper training teaches lawyers how to feel comfortable and competent in the new world. The more confident they feel, the less stressed they will be and the more likely it is that they will fulfill their potential.”

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