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GPT 101: Decoding ChatGPT’s Generative AI for Legal Professionals

GPT 101: Decoding ChatGPT’s Generative AI for Legal Professionals

Date: January 18, 2023  

ChatGPT’s release has produced a mix of awe, dread and excitement for many in the legal market. Read Rhys Dipshan’s article on ChatGPTwhere he speaks with Aaron Crews on what this advanced AI model can do in the real world: 

 “I don’t think people will be talking about GPT-3 in 24 months, I think they’ll be talking about products that they have built, that may have GPT-3 as an element of the underlying delivery system,” said Aaron Crews, senior vice president of data, analytics, and AI at United Lex. 

So what legal technologies will GPT-3 and other advanced LLMs likely power? 

From his perspective, Crews believes such AI models would be a natural fit for legal drafting tools. He noted that GPT-3 is “probably more impactful in terms of its ability to deliver crisp, clear prose that looks like it came from a human,” though such AI-produced content will still likely need to be reviewed by legal professionals. 

Read the full article here:

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