Minding the M&A Gap: Eight Things for GCs To Know in 2021

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As the pandemic reduced our personal ability to socialize and forced many of us to reduce spending, it did the same to businesses: merger & acquisition activity faded in 2020. Now the market is poised to make up for lost time and close the gap. According to recent E&Y research, 49% of executives expect to strike an acquisition deal in the immediate months ahead.

Given the impending uptick in M&A, it’s inevitable that many General Counsel will face the daunting task of integrating a legal department. Mergers are both exciting and scary: the ominous nature of layoffs invariably loom large over the potential for optimized processes. But GCs can take advantage of this new wave of M&A activity to chart a bold and broad vision for digital transformation.

We asked practitioners who have experienced post-merger integration and driven benefits for their advice on what it takes to successfully integrate a legal department.

This story was published in Forbes. To read more, visit Minding the M&A Gap: 8 Things for GC's To Know in 2021.