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From Lab to Table: Intellectual Property Trends in Alternative Proteins

Dan Reed Challenges Legal Business Editors touting Law Firms as Progress Drivers

By Daniel Reed, Chairman of the Board

Enterprise legal services providers will “enable an entire new order of client value,” because they “are coming at the market with a scale of investment behind them the likes of which we haven’t seen before,” UnitedLex CEO Dan Reed explained June 19 in an editorial challenging Legal Business editor-in-chief’s piece titled “Innovation needs law firm champions.” Conventional law firms’ traditional structure—which lacks transparency and responsiveness, promotes inefficiency, and simply costs too much—limits the agility and enterprise that would encourage industry digitization, “This doesn’t mean that BigLaw is not a critical component of the legal services ecosystem,” Reed said. “They will undoubtedly evolve and further refine their ability to meet focused client demand, but they will do so in an ecosystem that also includes enterprise legal service providers.”

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