Business Insider: Legal tech company UnitedLex hires Big 4 execs as it seeks to build off momentum of businesses embracing tech

UnitedLex, a technology and legal services company, has hired five former Big Four executives.

UnitedLex, which helps Fortune 1000 legal departments adopt and use tech, has hired five executives from the Big Four accounting firms as it seeks to accelerate growth and meet demand.

The new hires have been tapped to help grow UnitedLex's customer base, which also includes corporate legal departments, by acting as bridges between their client companies' general counsel and c-suites, convincing them of the importance of legal departments as linchpins of their business.

"The problem corporations are facing is that legal departments are among the last areas of a business to see a tech transformation," in part because company executives don't fully realize how important these legal functions are, said David Clarke, UnitedLex's new executive vice president and chief experience and marketing officer. Clarke formerly led the strategy, experience, and marketing functions at PwC.

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