Webinar: Boosting the Bottom Line – Strategies for Managing Patents During a Recession

Joe Dearing, Executive Vice President of IP Solutions at UnitedLex, will join Gene Quinn, Erica Helgerson, Nidhi Nahar, and Patrick Woolley for a discussion on how to manage patents during a recession.

  • Overview

Date and Time

Start: July 21, 2022, 5:00 PM UTC

End: July 21, 2022, 6:00 PM UTC



What lies ahead for the US economy remains uncertain as economists warn of an imminent recession. Companies are beginning to buckle down and preparing to respond in predictable and obvious ways as they look internally to find cost-savings opportunities. But there are better ways to save than the all too familiar across-the-board cuts.

For IP-centric organizations, assessing your own patents through objective data analysis can reveal otherwise obscured opportunities that can help achieve and exceed budget targets and broader strategic objectives.

Please join us on July 21, 2022, at 12 PM ET, as we discuss data-driven strategies patent holders can implement to make informed and objective decisions regarding their patent assets. This interactive webinar moderated by Gene Quinn will feature perspectives from Erica Helgerson, Senior Intellectual Property Manager for pSemi, A Murata Company, Nidhi Nahar, Head of Patents and Open Source at Block (formerly Square, Inc.), Patrick Woolley, Intellectual Property Department Chair at Polsinelli, and Joe Dearing, Executive Vice President of IP Solutions at UnitedLex.Panelists will cover 4 strategies that can impact your bottom line in 2022, and help you prune with confidence and precision, including:

  • Effective methods for pruning low-value patents from your portfolio

  • Synching your patent filing strategy to the competitive landscape

  • Identifying and divesting patents no longer core to your business

  • Monetization strategies on high-value and infringed-upon patents

Watch the webinar here.