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The Legal Innovation Project:
Meeting the Mandate to Modernize

Legal Mandate for 2024 and Beyond: AI in Law

Join us for an evening roundtable discussion in New York City on what is possible when implementing AI in legal, now and in the future. Speakers will offer guidance on managing expectations with internal stakeholders and keys to measuring success.

Speakers include Kelli Stenstrom, Global Head of Legal eDiscovery, Director and Associate General Counsel at Deutsche Bank; Jeff Nass, Director and Counsel, Societe Generale; and Ande Ilao, eDiscovery Technology Services Regional Manager – AMER, UBS.

Topics that would be covered: 

  • AI Legislation and How This Impacts Business Use for Corporations

  • EU AI Act and Proposed US Legislation – Generative AI Copyright Disclosure Act

  • Critical evaluation of aspirational AI goals vs. the reality of implementing new AI Technology

  • AI in Law – how is it transforming litigation and internal investigations?

  • Navigating AI’s High and Mid-Level Risks

  • Managing expectations of internal stakeholders and getting buy-in

  • Evaluating the Responsible Use of AI and Looking Ahead

  • Marrying technological progress with data privacy and ethical considerations

  • Unlocking success when implementing and using AI

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of AI in Law

  • Key takeaways and learnings – what do we define success?

  • Future of AI in the legal market

Please contact, Rajitha Boer, Chief Client Officer, UnitedLex at

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