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Strategic Outside Counsel Management


  1. Evidence Mining to Dominate in High-Tech Patent Litigation

    Microchips control the behavior of all modern devices and are frequently the centerpiece of high-tech patent infringement litigation. However, these cases are complex, expensive, and prone to errors that can compromise the outcome of your case if not done right. To dominate high-tech patent litigations, a well-conceived approach to optimizing your budget for compiling high-impact…

  2. “Algorithmist” Anyone? AI, Attorneys & Legal Trends in 2024 (and beyond!)

    If 2023 was the year of learning about implications of AI on the legal practice, 2024 will be the year of action. As corporations and law firms alike experience unprecedented financial pressure, delivering tangible cost and time savings as part of a broader modernization of litigation portfolio management will be key to responding to these…