Accelerator Sessions are immersive virtual workshops custom designed to break through roadblocks on your unique digital legal journey.

Not sure where to start with digital or want to move farther and faster? Give our subject matter experts three hours, and we will save you six months.

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Today’s rapid pace of change is creating significant opportunities and challenges. To respond, make digital a reality.

Co-create impactful deliverables and an actionable roadmap that empowers you to move forward with confidence.

Accelerator Sessions Deliverable 1

A digital legal transformation maturity map to help align your team on the current state*

Accelerator Sessions Deliverable 2

A qualitative and quantitative review of what your optimized legal department could look like*

Accelerator Sessions Deliverable 3

A sequenced roadmap of Initiatives you can implement immediately*

Immerse yourself in one of our accelerator sessions.

Think of us like your performance coaches during our time together.

9:00 AM

Build a bonded virtual team.

Bring people closer together while they work remote.

Accelerator Timeline Bonded Virtual Team
Accelerator Timeline Digital Hive Mind
9:30 AM

Wire the digital hive mind.

Define the business problem, identify the metrics that matter and tell a story that ties it all together.

10:30 AM

Build a plan to balance what is feasible with your moonshots.

Orchestrate the ideal state by removing constraints around process, tools, technology and people.

Accelerator Timeline Art of the Possible
UnitedLex Accelerator
11:00 AM

Align on priorities to push your strategy forward.

Agree on where the most impact will be made in the short and long term by removing biases and keeping the business drivers in focus.

12:00 PM

Create a roadmap for success.

Establish a plan to get from conversation to execution.

Accelerator Timeline Roadmap for Success

Concierge service with a masterclass mentality

Don’t worry about anything. We will handle every logistical detail before, during and after your accelerator session, including bringing the right subject matter experts to the team based on the unique challenges and opportunities you face.

Accelerator Icon Approval

We empower you to approve any content shared with your team

Accelerator Icon Brightest Minds

We bring our brightest minds to discuss your business.

Accelerators Icon No Limits

We can go as big or small as you need - there is no theme or topic off limits

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