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An Update and Possible Solutions in the Apple Watch Saga

Cyber Incident Response

Respond with confidence, speed, and precision. ​

When data is compromised in a cybersecurity incident, our team provides rapid insight into the potential severity, quickly defining the extent of exposure and the obligations to the company, customers, employees, and third parties.

Cyber incident review and notification list creation.

Working in partnership with cyber insurance companies, cyber consultancies, and law firms assisting with cyber incident reviews, our team leverages proprietary data mining, AI, technology, and custom designed workflows to rapidly identify private and sensitive information to determine the best path forward in the early and critical timeframes of an incident.  

Rapid response when time is of the essence.

Our global cyber incident review team—the largest in the industry—oversees and coordinates response and resource deployment, driving efficient workflows that allow clients to understand the extent of exposed sensitive data. We work around the clock in collaboration with counsel to prioritize data types for immediate analysis, quickly extracting NPPI, PHI and other sensitive data to develop an accurate notification list.

Reduced time to reporting and notification.

Our teams continually innovate and refine AI strategies to reduce the time to reporting and notification, while limiting the number of documents requiring review, along with commensurate costs. We leverage proprietary AI and data mining methods to power more inclusive and precise identification of sensitive information in significantly less time, improving review times from days to just hours.  

The UnitedLex advantage

Cyber incident response services.

Processing and hosting

We maintain on-premise and cloud-based data processing and hosting environments to provide a flexible and scalable infrastructure to our globally situated clients. 

Early data assessment and planning

Blending proprietary and industry leading technology with legal and applied analytics expertise, we cull data, report on categories of sensitive data, and provide an analysis of type and density of potentially exposed sensitive information to inform budget and planning.

Programmatic identification and extraction of entities

We apply analytics and AI, including custom data privacy models and client/industry specific data elements, to identify affected data subjects and automate extraction of sensitive information within structured and unstructured data sets.

Expert human document review

To ensure completeness and precision of a cyber incident review, our team augments programmatic review with human-assisted extraction, utilizing deeply experienced resources to ensure adherence to the review protocol, consistency of extractions, and quality.

Development and delivery of notification lists

We adhere to stringent extraction and quality processes to ensure “mail-ready” notification lists. This includes data normalization and consolidation, entity resolution and deduplication.

Proactive identification of sensitive data

As part of an incident response, or as part of an organization’s ongoing data privacy program, we also can provide our technologies behind corporate firewalls to identify, categorize and report on sensitive personal and business confidential data. 


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