Trust in UnitedLex stems from our decades of experience supporting the world’s most important companies and law firms in the largest and most complex legal issues they face. We understand the inherent challenges that come with embracing transformation, encompassing performance, cultural, financial, and regulatory elements. Coupled with our unwavering commitment to quality and integrity, the change management and risk mitigation protocols we build into every step of our approach address these elements and cultivate a durable trust with each client.

Tenets of Trust

Our trust-based client relationships are the foundation for successful transformation and creation of enduring business value.

  • We weigh the nature and intensity of potential risks against your enterprise objectives to develop mitigating strategies that minimize impact.
  • We incorporate explicit stakeholder assessment, communications, and training to preserve positive institutional values and enhance professional development for your resources.
  • We document defensible cost savings that resonate within the business and financial functions to achieve your quantitative objectives.
  • We adhere to regulatory compliance protocols and secure your legal and financial data.
  • We build our processes around the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) architecture that embodies measurable performance and strict quality control.
  • We bring significant investment and intellectual capital to bulletproof our solutions that meet and exceed your service level requirements.

“Our law department transformation would not have been possible without UnitedLex, which co-conceptualized and executed our shared vision for the law department of the future.”

—Bill Deckelman, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, DXC Technology

Transformation Through Trust

Business Impact

Achieve an agreed-upon, guaranteed reduction in overall legal spend.

Budget Certainty

Accurately predict total ownership cost across the entire legal ecosystem.


Capture critical data and render real-time dashboards to drive financial forecasting and workload prioritization.

Synergy as Business Partners

Speed to revenue through accelerated contracting processes and reduction of transaction cycle time.


Reduce regulatory risk and improve compliance program efficiency.

Integrated Services Model

Optimize delivery of legal work via process refinement, adopting a variable resource model, and enhancing technology.

What We Do

We blend our expertise, analytics, and resources—as well as a deep understanding of each client’s business—to transform your legal function and optimize operational excellence, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Our processes are built around the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) architecture that embodies measurable performance and strict quality control.

Driving transformation for legal organizations to thrive in the digital age.


Transforming your law department from cost center to business partner.


Redefining your commercial transactions function to enable positive business impact.


Tailoring an end-to-end strategy to optimize operational performance and minimize cost.


Unlocking and protecting the value of your enterprise's intellectual property assets.


News & Insights

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