UnitedLex challenges the status quo and optimizes legal services delivery for our clients using cutting-edge digital strategies and software solutions. As a market innovator, we test and embrace new technologies from trusted partners and emerging players, as well as create proprietary tools to fill white space in the market. We team with leading law firms to deliver services in novel ways that our most sophisticated, forward-thinking clients demand.

Technology Yields Results

Our solutions incorporate established, emerging, and exploratory technologies that go well beyond simply tracking legal work—they enable and minimize the amount of legal work required to achieve performance and risk goals. Technology implementation in the legal environment requires a nuanced understanding of what substantive work components are conducive to automation, the interaction between legal teams and their internal clients, the importance of ease of access to past work product, and how to capture unstructured data at the time of creation. We know these aspects inside and out.

Investing in World-Class Technology

We tailor our recommended technology platforms for each client and leverage our continual investment in world-class technology. We empower our clients with proprietary and highly focused solutions that drive otherwise-unobtainable business results. With hundreds of platform deployments under our belt, we can apply every situational success and lessons learned for our clients’ benefit.

Our team includes more than 125 software developers, architects, systems analysts, and IT operations experts who provide ongoing technology services to our clients. We regularly evaluate new entrants to determine their relevancy and maturity of offerings.

In our Technology Incubation Lab, we conduct side-by-side tests of leading tools to compare their relative strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to determine best fit within our own operations and for client implementation.

Our transaction with CVC Capital Partners—one of the largest to date with any legal services provider—gives us access to significant capital that bolsters our investment in technology and our clients’ success. UnitedLex has unmatched flexibility and financial strength among public or private companies committed to the practice of law.

What We Do

As a market innovator, we embrace both new technologies and tools, as well as trusted partners—like ContractRoom, Relativity, HighQ, Onit, and Seal Software. We also partner with leading law firms to deliver services in the novel ways that our most sophisticated, forward-thinking clients demand.

Driving transformation for legal organizations to thrive in the digital age.


Transforming your law department from cost center to business partner.


Redefining your commercial transactions function to enable positive business impact.


Tailoring an end-to-end strategy to optimize operational performance and minimize cost.


Unlocking and protecting the value of your enterprise's intellectual property assets.


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