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Today, corporate law departments are expected to do more than provide basic legal support and protection. They must directly contribute to their companies’ success, drive competitive advantage, and increase business agility. UnitedLex delivers meaningful and sustainable improvement to how clients conceive of, organize, and provide legal and compliance services by optimizing resources to achieve budget predictability, increased revenue, and significant cost savings. Our team of industry domain professionals comprises senior attorneys, financial analysts, process improvement specialists, technology experts, and project managers who position your law department to realize its business objectives.

From Cost Center to Business Partner

UnitedLex provides the keys to a safe and robust transformation of your law department from cost center to business partner by reframing expectations for the department’s value contribution, developing and executing operational improvements, and providing quantifiable financial and performance results.

With our proprietary platform and financial investments to fund client initiatives, we tackle many of the root causes that have blocked innovation in the legal industry. Our consulting team directly aligns the law department with the company’s strategy and operational priorities.


Value-Driven Operating Model

We define the law department’s value contribution to inform performance standards, work prioritization, investment needs, and resource stratification.


Internal and External Resource Optimization

We develop a comprehensive resource strategy that aligns role definitions and work allocation of in-house teams, traditional law firms, and other legal service providers.


Technology and Process Enablement

We optimize your investment in technology to drive process efficiency and create a foundation to implement emerging tools that reimagine how legal services are delivered.

Law Department Consulting
Service Components

  • Business Alignment and Strategy Articulation

    We understand how to align the law department with overarching business objectives. Weighing internal and external influences, we balance aspiration with reality to create a tangible view of the present and future.

    • Strategy Articulation: Most vision statements fail to inspire employees and rarely translate into action. We help articulate your strategy within a concise vision statement and create a toolkit with criteria to prioritize investments, inform performance management expectations, and set the standard for client service.
    • Voice of Customer Survey: We interpret the results of our proprietary survey and create an explicit roadmap for the law department to become a more effective business partner. We solicit internal clients’ perspectives on the importance of legal’s role and how current performance can be enhanced to exceed expectations.
    • Legal Work Categorization and Prioritization: We create a holistic, department-wide service catalog that encompasses all work the legal function performs and procures. By calibrating the service catalog against risk and value, it forms the basis we use to determine demand management, internal and external resource stratification, and technology enablement.
    • Transformation Plan: We develop a multiyear roadmap that guides the evolution of the law department with defined outcomes, such as cost savings and improved service, and changes to the operating model, resource and skill needs, and digital capabilities. The roadmap prioritizes investments to align with value-capture expectations. We project detailed savings opportunities—including assumptions, baseline definition, measurement metrics, and key performance indicators—to monitor progress. We assure your results through expert-led implementation and sustain them through ongoing service delivery. Our change enablement team ensures that all impacted stakeholders understand their roles and fully embrace the new direction.
  • Operating Model and Resource Optimization

    We develop a deep understanding of how you currently allocate your resources and compare this to an optimal needs-based allocation driven by your business objectives. Our multifaceted approach includes:

    • Operating Model Design: Law departments face similar challenges, yet each varies in its legal service delivery based on company strategy, geographic footprint, industry requirements, risk threshold, and leadership perspectives. We guide your law department leadership through a series of workshops to determine the key influences, constraints, and goals and provide a customized approach for organizational design, service prioritization, resource allocation, and necessary investment plan.
    • Workload Allocation Survey: We quickly tailor and administer our proprietary electronic workload allocation survey to capture the level of effort and resources involved throughout the entire department. We interpret the results and highlight misalignment by level, roles, numbers of involved team members, and duplication of effort, as well as identify the top opportunities to rationally allocate resources.
    • Resource Strategy and Development: We stratify resources by role, level, skills, and geography, with an added focus on training and capability development. We conduct a skill gap analysis and recommend professional development programs to mitigate any gaps.
    • Demand Management: To more clearly define interactions with the business units, we create explicit descriptions of the legal service provided, along with support request processes, resource assignments, service-level agreements, and escalation points. Our digital strategy and technology enablement team designs and automates new demand management processes, including routing rules, notifications, self-help, and dashboard reporting.
  • Digital Strategy and Technology Enablement

    As the digital revolution gathers pace, law departments of all sizes and across all sectors must embrace new technologies and processes. We help you prioritize technology investments to transform the delivery of legal services in a way that optimizes your team’s skills and external legal service providers’ capabilities.

    Within our Technology Incubation Lab, we continually monitor and evaluate new market entrants to understand their offerings and determine how they fit into the overall legal technology landscape. We actively engage with industry analysts and technology associations both within legal and key vertical markets to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that our guidance to clients is current and focused on delivering business impact. We thoroughly test promising technologies to determine applicability and value to our clients. Depending on each tool’s stability and use-case support, we move into pilot testing and full deployment.

    • Technology Assessment and Strategy: Our technology experts assess your technology usage against the overall departmental strategy and client service model. We apply our deep knowledge of technology—including cutting-edge developments like artificial intelligence and blockchain—to outline a strategy and supporting business case to set the foundation for embracing new technology.
    • Selection, Design, and Implementation: Our strong relationships with dozens of software providers mean we bring a knowledge-based approach to system selection, design, and implementation. We leverage an agile approach that closely ties effort and value together through an expedited approach to implementation. Our technology change enablement expertise enables us to ensure high adoption and return on investment from new systems through strong communications, business value articulation, and engaged user-acceptance testing.
    • Ongoing Maintenance and Support: Our legal operations experts supplement your team with technical, administrative, analytic, and user support for key legal systems to increase user adoption, consistent data quality, and total return on investment.

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