Going Digital Is Essential to Lawyers’ Survival, Dan Reed Says at GC Summit

Legal professionals must embrace a new identity as “digital lawyers” to ensure they can keep pace with technological transformation, UnitedLex CEO Dan Reed told The Lawyer’s Catrin Griffiths during an interview at The Lawyer’s General Counsel Strategy Summit, presented in association with UnitedLex. Law is finally responding to new technologies made available by a digital evolution that has rippled through other industries, he said, and lawyers must now take “an approach that re-examines and reimagines the components of providing legal advice, with new capabilities that can add value to the work.” Evolving digitally to meet clients’ needs “is a tectonic event,” Reed said, “and if we don’t apply that to the law, we will find ourselves with the short end of the stick. If it’s not kept in mind, we will be left behind.”

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