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We combine digital and legal expertise to deliver value capture, accelerate performance, and fuel business growth. Our outcome-based solutions elevate attorney strategy, empower better legal and business decisions, and produce faster results.

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Digital Litigation

Ryan S. Reeves

Senior Vice President, Chief Client Officer, Litigation
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By focusing on data agility, value creation, and digital business synergy, business leaders, whether in the law firm, law department, or C-Suite, are able to create comprehensive plans to significantly reduce costs and positively impact the business.

Our comprehensive litigation support and investigations services leverage a global network of data and review centers, proprietary technologies, and proven processes to handle complex discovery and review engagements on-demand. We work with you to strategize, implement, and execute on both the matter and portfolio level.

  • White PaperOptimizing Litigation Management through 6 KPIs Read White Paper

    Effective use of key performance indicators (KPIs) during litigation gives corporate leaders the data they need to make decisions

    Optimize Litigation
  • KPIs for Client Success

    Nicole Colonna

    Vice President Service Delivery

    KPIs for Client Success
    Our Approach

    "We partner with our clients working together to develop an account strategy, define and measure performance goals, and revisit that strategy annually based on our prior year’s performance."

    We are uniquely equipped with capabilities across all aspects of the litigation and investigation lifecycle

    • Preservation & Forensics

      By integrating 3 core processes, UnitedLex transforms how legal hold, collection & forensics, and evidence...

      By integrating 3 core processes, UnitedLex transforms how legal hold, collection & forensics, and evidence management services are delivered.

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      Evidence Management, Forensics, Legal Hold & Preservation, Program Management

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    Make data your strategic advantage.

    Our data science, analytics and AI resources use Vantage to capture and consolidate prior litigation and investigation facts, work product, metadata, text and other key data and facts. 

    Over time, key trends and insights can be extracted to provide action/ recommendations for proactive legal and business risk avoidance via Vantage Actionable Insights.

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    Future legal & business risk avoidance

    Recycling work product and efficiency gain

    Acceleration to legal intelligence

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