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Strategic Outside Counsel Management

Driving Efficient Obligations Management


A global IT service provider required a solution to efficiently capture, assign, and track compliance against contractual obligations and gain visibility into contractual commitments essential to fulfill client engagements. The commercial legal department also needed to provide consistent guidance to business teams on the requirements of their client contracts.


UnitedLex leveraged proprietary technology and advanced processes to agreements representing 90 percent of the client’s revenue. Contracts were collected, conformed for changes, and reviewed by artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted teams to extract a range of milestones, SLAs, and tangible and time-bound deliverables.
Using an AI-driven application, the review output was automatically assigned an owner. An escalation path with notification prompts ensures fulfilment of obligations.


The obligations management solution delivered:

  • Significant client savings in obtained revenue

  • Reduced contract value erosion

  • Increased contract performance and compliance

  • Delivered deeper insights into obligation processes enabling swift action