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Meet Our Experts: Liz Cherkis 

#1: How has your 20 years working in eDiscovery influenced your work on Multidistrict Litigations (MDLs) at UnitedLex?

Your specialization and technical expertise only go so far when you don’t appreciate the broader context of how our work impacts overall litigation strategy. In eDiscovery, nowhere is the combination of specialization and broad-based skills more useful than on MDLs, where the stakes are high and matters can last for years.

#2: How have you seen MDL discovery evolve over the years?

The same trends that have affected the eDiscovery industry – from the evolution of AI technology to emerging data sources – have also profoundly impacted MDLs. The difference is, given their size and scope, MDLs have often been an early proof case for how to effectively integrate eDiscovery developments into your case strategy. If a new technology or workflow is successful with an MDL, it will likely have implications on less complex projects.

#3: Running an effective document review continues to be a challenge for MDL practitioners. How can they help get it right?

The focus should be a race to the finish, not a race to the start. Many practitioners want to staff a document review team as step 1, but taking the time to integrate the review with overall litigation goals helps avoid repeat work down the line. Document review is a key opportunity to learn more about what information your data contains, which informs case strategy.

#4: What’s your best piece of advice for MDL practitioners building out their discovery strategy?

Although technology has been a game changer, it will not fix a broken process. Technology and expertise super-charge a strategy that is custom fit for your case. At UnitedLex, we match proven workflows with right-sized technology to meet the needs of matters and clients we support.

#5: When you are not helping clients with complex MDL discovery issues, how do you enjoy your free time?

As a soon-to-be empty-nester, I am cherishing time together with my daughter. I also enjoy collecting shells at the beach, listening to music, spending time with friends, baking, and cheering on my favorite basketball team (Go Hoos!).

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