Vantage Data 

Discover the documents that matter in your case, fast.

In most Litigations or Investigations, legal teams spend months or even years sifting through data trying to find the documents that matter.  Recent technology makes the searching process easier but even the best technology doesn’t tell you whether you have a case.  

That’s where UnitedLex comes in.  We pair our data expertise with a nuanced understanding of litigation to help find the information that matters and enable legal teams to make decisions faster.   


We designed Vantage Data solutions to help you discover what matters most in your data faster than ever before.  Speed to facts enables speed to strategy.  We enable legal teams to make critical decisions earlier in a matter, such as whether to settle, proceed, or collect more information.

  • 80% faster speed to key evidence   

  • 50x more accuracy  

  • On average, less than 5% of data promoted for review 

Forensic Analysis of a Departing Employee (FADE)  

When an employee exits a company, find out whether there are indications of improper activity of data misuse through an analysis of the ex-employee’s devices, designed with legal teams in mind.

First Look   

Find critical facts fast to enable early strategic decisions about whether to proceed with an investigation in less than 2 weeks.   

Data Reduction  

Drastically, but defensible, reduce the volumes of documents you actually have to review, typically less than 5% of the data that was processed.

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