It is time for a fundamental change in how the legal profession conducts business. For too long, corporate law departments and law firms have been constrained by business models that reward inefficiency, lack transparency and responsiveness, cost too much, and fail to provide lawyers with the skills and technology they require to meet modern clients’ needs. Evolution in law has been slow in every facet compared to all other commercial industries. UnitedLex was designed to change that.

The Art of the Possible

Achieving the “art of the possible” is not a distant aspiration, but rather a real-time need for leaders reliant on legal services. Our unique blend of management consulting, legal expertise, and powerful technology improves law department and law firm performance in terms of innovation, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. We empower lawyers and other elite professionals to operate at their highest value—providing critical and strategic legal guidance to their clients.

Our financial strength helps clients fund a range of initiatives to move at the speed of business and increase their enterprises’ overall profitability.

From creating bespoke, dedicated law firm platforms and restructuring the way law department resources are deployed, trained, and inspired, to designing new models of outside counsel and consortium-based law firm support, we give new definition to the “art of the possible” in achieving unlimited business and budget objectives.

The transformational impact of our Enterprise Legal Services is happening now.

Defining Enterprise Legal Services

UnitedLex pioneered the Enterprise Legal Services (ELS) model that uniquely combines consulting, technology, and process with legal expertise to guarantee value capture—performance gains, risk reduction, and cost savings. Expert ELS application provides a matrix-based assessment of how all aspects of legal-related elements (including compliance, outside law firms, and other providers) are best coordinated and rationalized within your corporate structure. Our guarantee provides clients with budget certainty year-over-year and confidence in achieving transformation throughout your organization.

Effective execution of ELS demands a singular focus on the law, integrated global delivery, ability to fund any size client investment, and expertise in designing and deploying the most innovative legal solutions. Anchored in the law and built for transformation, UnitedLex incorporates proven technology and satisfies the latest legal and regulatory requirements in more than 30 jurisdictions worldwide.

What Success Looks Like

Financial Impact

  • Budget reduction of 25%–35%
  • Shift from fixed to variable cost structure
  • UnitedLex technology investment
  • Law department as profit generator

Connected Legal Eco-system

  • Easy, real-time coordination across teams
  • Collaborative workflows, roles, and technology-enabled processes
  • Professional training across entire team
  • Proven talent assessment, management, retention, and realignment expertise

Data Driven Management

  • Process-enabled data capture
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Financial forecasting and cost transparency
  • Metrics to empower decision-making
  • Pragmatic governance of external spend

Increased Legal Service Quality

  • Improved consistency
  • Increased throughput with measured responsiveness
  • Reduction of overall transaction cycle time
  • Service level agreements for quality, process adherence, and timeliness
  • System-enabled knowledge capture, management, and re-use

Synergy with Business Partners

  • Seamless integration with daily business activity
  • Legal operations designed to match the speed and digital sophistication of business
  • Ease of access to appropriate resources
  • Simplified processes and forms
  • Client-centric interface for self-service tools

What We Do

Our unique blend of management advisory, legal expertise, and powerful technology platforms improves law department and law firm performance in terms of innovation, excellence, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. And we enable lawyers to operate at their highest value—providing critical strategic legal advice to their clients.

Driving transformation for legal organizations to thrive in the digital age.


Transforming your law department from cost center to business partner.


Redefining your commercial transactions function to enable positive business impact.


Tailoring an end-to-end strategy to optimize operational performance and minimize cost.


Unlocking and protecting the value of your enterprise's intellectual property assets.


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