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Teardown Report

Xiaomi Mi 8

Decapping interesting details of components powering this premium smartphone.

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Decoupling Xiaomi Mi 8. The first Xiaomi smartphone to sport an IR camera for face unlock.

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This teardown report analyzes Xiaomi's technology improvement in Mi 8, focusing on core hardware.

What's Inside?

Improved NAND Flash Storage

Toshiba's UFS 2.1 memory chip technology having an integrated controller provides error correction, wear leveling, bad-block management in Mi8.

Dual-frequency GNSS Chipset

Mi 8 is the world’s first dual-band GPS smartphone that supports L1 and L5 dual-frequency positioning. Delve deeper to understand how it helps improve navigation to achieve lane-level accuracy.

AI-powered Camera Features

Die-level imaging to analyze the AI features that power the Mi 8’s dual rear camera arrangement for scene detection, portrait mode and even for video editing in its Bokeh effect feature.

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