Picture of a deconstructed Huawei P20

Teardown Report

Huawei P20

Teardown of Huawei P20 unearths AI Image Stabilization Technology & more.

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Al Noise Reduction Tech & Deep Learning Algorithm Give Huawei P20 the Acoustic Advantage.

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This teardown report features Huawei P20's internal storage capacity comparable to other flagship phones.

What's Inside?

Improved Processor Technology

A compendious teardown study unveils an upgraded Kirin 970 processor fabricated on TSMC10nm process nodes, reducing the die area by 40% and improving power efficiency by 20% over the previous processors.

Intelligent Battery Management

The AI-based battery management system understands user behavior and intelligently allocates resources to maximize battery life.

Unconventional Display Pixel Arrangement

Unlike traditional RGB pixel arrangements, a high magnification study of the Huawei P20 identified additional white pixels to improve backlight.

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