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Teardown Report

Google Pixel 3

Delayering the tech powering Google Pixel 3's hardware security.

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Comprehensive teardown of Google Pixel 3 and analysis of technologies supporting wireless charging conformant to Qi wireless charging standards.

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This teardown report calibrates hardware upgrades by Google, with a focus on its hardware security chip.

What's Inside:

Camera Image Stabilization Technology

Google Pixel 3 is equipped with optical and electronic image stabilization technology and spectral and flicker sensors which reduces the shaking effect during video recording.

Customized Chip for Hardware Security

The Titan M security chip secured the hardware of Google Pixel 3.It handles the Pixel 3’s lock-screen passcode verification, stores private keys for Android's API, and prevents firmware updates without the correct user passcode.

Integrated Wireless Charging Technology

Google Pixel 3 is the first device of the series to support the Qi wireless charging. Powered by an Integrated Device Technology’s IDT P9221 wireless power receiver IC.

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