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For us, document review is a race to the finish, not a race to the start.

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Document review is often the most expensive phase of the litigation, regulatory, or investigative lifecycle. With data volumes increasing every year, it’s imperative to reconsider old ways of working, seek innovative methods to gain an early strategic advantage, and leverage technology to mitigate costs.

  • Case StudyDual Shore Review

    We implemented a global staffing model using 140 review attorneys between the U.S. and India

    Dual Shore Delivery Model Image
  • Where the industry is today

    Managing reviews is still a complex challenge that calls for expertise in harmonizing people, process, technology, and data. The importance of getting this strategy right has only grown with new data volumes seen during the pandemic.

    Advances in technology make it easier than ever to reduce data volumes and build case knowledge sooner, but all tools require specialized knowledge and new ways of working to integrate them with human review and case strategy.

    On top of this, the industry is still facing a lack of trust in multi-shore teams, resistance to fully embrace technology, and the need for law firms and service providers to further collaborate to ensure that reviews are both defensible and cost-effective.

    Our Approach

    We believe that a properly designed review project starts with strategy before staffing a review team. Our goal is to help clients deploy a technology-forward approach to find critical evidence, meet matter objectives as early as possible, and give counsel a strategic case advantage. For us, it’s a race to the finish, not a race to the start.

    Once ready to begin, UnitedLex activates a one-team approach for document review projects, leveraging a network of elite review managers and tenured teams actoss 15 review hubs in the U.S., Europe, and India with options for 24/7 support across geographies. No matter where your document review is performed, clients rely on our global teams to deliver the same high-quality, cost efficient, and uniform experience, which provides considerable peace of mind.

  • White PaperDigital-Enabled Discovery and Review Read White Paper

    Digital-enabled discovery is reducing litigation costs by up to 55%.

    Digital Enabled Discovery and Review
  • Impact

    Our client-centric, experience-driven approach allows UnitedLex to achieve document review excellence across industries, matter sizes, and data complexity. On all matters, you can count on our global teams to deliver a consultative technology strategy and proven process to get to the heart of the matter faster, maintain defensibility, and ultimately reduce costs. With UnitedLex as your partner for document review, outside counsel will gain comfort and trust to focus more on broader case strategy, while we handle the data and what we do best.

  • Case StudyDramatic Data Reduction and Time-Sensitive Document Review

    Fortune 100 bank reduced and reviewed 1.8M documents to meet time-sensitive regulatory request.

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