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Landscape Report

4G-LTE Global Patent Landscape (2017 Edition)

Asia is Poised to Lead the Global Patent Landscape. China's Robust Patent Practice Makes it Second Largest Portfolio Owner.

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China & South Korea Surpass U.S. To Lead 4G-LTE Patent Filing Pace.

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Dynamics of 4G-LTE Global Patent Landscape

U.S. owns 28.5% of the world's 4G-LTE patents. However, China's patent filing pace of 6.05% and South Korea's 5.94% surpass the patent filing pace of 5.46% in the U.S.

Study of Seminal Patents & High-value SEPs

Samsung owns the largest portfolio of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) in the U.S., but Qualcomm takes the global lead. Five of the Top 10 SEP owners are Asian companies that are paving their way to worldwide leadership positions.

Global Patent Distribution of Key Assignees

In-depth study of patenting trends of major assignees across important geographies to assess their R&D focus.

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Landscape Report

4G LTE Global Patent Landscape 2019 Update

The total number of LTE subscribers recorded is 3.7 billion around the world by the end of Q1 of 2019 going by industry reports.

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Landscape Report

4G-LTE U.S. Patent Landscape (2016 Edition)

40+% 4G-LTE Patents in U.S. Filed by Asian Entities Since 2014.

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Landscape Report

Wireless LAN Global Patent Landscape

Asia-Pacific Market Offers Hardware Agnostic Platforms For Quick WLAN Growth

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Teardown Report

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

Integrated Controller Memory Chip Enhances Error correction, Wear Leveling & Bad-Block Management in Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

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