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Craft a compelling story starting day 1.

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Elite fact finding early in a matter leads to better, more informed decisions that quickly resolve disputes with favorable results. Understanding your data is a strategic advantage that our fact development teams deliver.

Litigation is typically unpredictable, slow moving, and siloed from matter to matter. Crafting a compelling story from the facts tends to happen late in the process -- even after discovery is complete. This is a strategic disadvantage to most litigators and to clients who want to resolve matters quickly.

  • Case StudyTrial Team Support

    We support deposition preparation, transcript, exhibit summaries, and offer critical real-time support during trial when finding key documents quickly can be everything.

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  • Our Approach

    We make data your strategic advantage by using key facts to help make better and earlier decisions about case strategy. Using both internal and external data, we identify and analyze key evidence that accelerates litigation outcomes.

    Traditionally, litigation is linear and facts develop slowly as documents are reviewed. Our fact development team leverages technology, flexible modules, and client data to surface evidence quickly. They build key facts for chronologies, witness kits, analysis of opposing counsel and judges, and summaries of depositions and vital documents creating a living digital trial binder that is active and accessible day 1.

  • Case StudyEarly Legal Intelligence Sets Case Strategy

    A multi-national medical device manufacturer uses ECA to quickly analyze a data set.

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  • Impact

    Leveraging UnitedLex’s elite fact development team reduces outside counsel spend by 15-20% on tasks traditionally performed by law firms. By delivering key evidence to counsel sooner and more succinctly, clients increase speed of matters and leverage historical case information to improve decisions and outcomes.

  • Case StudyFinding Financial Fraud Fast

    An AmLaw 100 firm needed to swiftly surface evidence of financial fraud for a client our custom models combed through 7.5M documents.

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