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Enterprise contracting processes are notoriously inefficient, resulting in needlessly delayed sales and sourcing cycles, revenue- and margin-leakage, inflated risk, and increased legal and compliance costs. The loss in business value from a suboptimal contracting and commercial process is substantial and rarely measured by even the world’s “best run” companies. UnitedLex redefines what is possible by absorbing and transforming significant parts of a company’s commercial transactions function to enable immediate and year-over-year impact.

Pillars of Contracting Excellence



Our analytics-based approach optimizes your commercial processes, policies, and workflows, identifying achievable targets and stretch success metrics for your business.



We secure your change-management efforts’ success with streamlined templates and playbooks to accelerate contracting velocity and enable effective and consistent risk management.



We align your most valuable resource–your people–with your transactional needs, ensuring optimal staffing value at the lowest cost.



Our proprietary and integrated third-party technology solutions enable you to track, measure, and deliver meaningful business impact while enabling an optimal staffing model.

Guaranteed Results

Our solutions include metrics-driven processes, cutting-edge technology, deep domain expertise, and—perhaps just as important—investment capability and global delivery platforms. Our strong culture of quality control and assurance and proven capabilities with transition and change management allow us to provide an industry first: contractually guaranteed client results.

Together, all four pillars of contracting excellence deliver:

  • At least 20% reduction in costs to support contracting process
  • Increased deal velocity and accelerated revenue cycles by 30%–50%
  • Reduced revenue- and margin-leakage by 3%–5%
  • Established metrics/service-level agreements, real-time reporting, and analytics across contracting portfolios that drive business value and effective risk management and compliance
  • Increased satisfaction (net promoter score) among internal clients, customers, vendors, and partners
  • At least 10% savings on procurement spend

AI-Driven Commercial Contract Review

Leveraging AI to Transform Commercial Contract Review


Corporate & Commercial Services
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