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Spend less time on process and more time accelerating business

UnitedLex Vantage is the leading Enterprise Legal Platform (ELP), built on Microsoft to deliver end-to-end integration between the business and law department.

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Developing a comprehensive, multiyear technology strategy that can adapt to changes in the corporate environment and advancements in the technology market will be critical to success.

- Gartner February 2021

Vantage is the future of legal technology

A digital platform with unmatched benefits

Elevate visibility, improve performance, and increase revenue, all while reducing risk and cost

Reduction in annual cost

Increased revenue generation opportunities

Productivity gains through time savings

A robust platform that scales to meet the needs of your ever growing legal department

Vantage Core

On install, optimize 80% of the top requests made of your legal department

  • Comprehensive legal service request portal available to all employees

  • Knowledge hub to address simple business questions

  • Management center for triage and routing of all legal service requests

  • Data-driven dashboards providing holistic visibility into your legal department

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Additional features designed to elevate your team as they solve your most important challenges.

  • Contract Solutions

  • AI-augmented contract ingestion

  • Risk-at-a-glance snapshot

  • Comprehensive view around cost, spend, and more

  • Advanced, interactive client portal

  • Automated contract authoring

  • Intellectual Property

  • Assessment of disparate IP data sources

  • AI-driven patent landscaping analysis and patent portfolio management

  • Ideation capture and preparation of patent application and prosecution with inventor, legal department, and outside counsel

  • Compliance & Regulatory

  • Workforce capacity management

  • Comprehensive view of cost, spend, risk

  • Compliance Officer lens across all activities

  • Single platform for analytics reporting

  • Litigation & Investigations

  • Work allocation management

  • Metrics, budgeting, insights

  • Interaction with client business portal

  • Integration with UnitedLex technology stack

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What used to take months can now be achieved in hours

  • In Hours

    Experience workflows and processes immediately

    Control legal operations immediately with Vantage Core

    • Install & launch Vantage Core

    • Establish & train pilot users

    • Implement robust knowledge base and self-help tools

    • Vantage Help Desk live

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