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UnitedLex Records Strong Momentum with Questio Offering in 2013

Overland Park, KS (February 3, 2014) – UnitedLex, a global provider of legal, technology and data management services, today announced it is tracking rapidly increasing demand for Questio, its consultant-led, technology-enabled service that intelligently reduces data volumes and significantly reduces the cost of eDiscovery.

Since the September launch of Questio, UnitedLex has implemented the service across 156 projects with an average savings of more than 50% on total litigation costs. Savings generated to date total $11.8 million, according to data collected and analyzed through Questio.

"The Questio service is transforming the eDiscovery process," said Dave Deppe, UnitedLex's president. "With data volumes increasing exponentially, and with legal teams under intense pressure to accurately forecast and reduce total project costs, corporation legal departments and outside counsel will continue to look for the right combination of services and technology to get data volumes and costs under control. Questio gives our clients a huge advantage by offering intelligent data reduction early in the litigation lifecycle and providing legal teams visibility into the content and relationships within their datasets to support the development of case strategy."

Questio pairs legal experts with proprietary technology, targeted automation and data analysis tools to intelligently reduce large volumes of non-responsive data and dramatically improve the timeliness and efficiency of amassing the intelligence required to accurately identify the matter specific data. This process mitigates the inherent judicial and economic risks associated with eDiscovery in today's environment throughout all subsequent stages in the eDiscovery lifecycle.

For example, a global law firm was able to reduce the number of documents collected and promoted to document review by 95% after adopting the service. The law firm saved its client a total of $2.2 million by using the Questio service on a single project.

"Client feedback on Questio has been overwhelmingly positive because Questio clients now know the best way to reduce eDiscovery costs is by eliminating non-responsive data at the beginning of a matter, rather than finding the lowest cost provider willing to process excessive volumes of non-responsive data for the lowest per-unit cost," Deppe noted. "We are excited about the results Questio has delivered to date and the critical role it has played in helping UnitedLex clients achieve their goals. As Questio continues to empower those responsible for "finding a better way", in 2014 we believe more law firms and corporate legal departments will make Questio the de facto standard for their eDiscovery needs."

About UnitedLex

UnitedLex ( is a global legal services provider. The company's mission is to improve the performance of law departments, law firms and academic institutions. UnitedLex provides unparalleled solutions resulting in risk mitigation, efficiency improvements and cost optimization for its clients in North America, Europe and Asia– including offerings such as Questio™, a managed service that changes the traditional approach to eDiscovery and data management. UnitedLex's more than 1,500 attorneys, engineers and consultants focus on the broadly defined areas of litigation, contracting and intellectual property to drive seven and eight figure benefits to its clients. Founded in 2006, and with more than $250 million in assets and committed capital, UnitedLex deploys the right blend of service and technology in supporting the world's leading corporations and law firms. UnitedLex is committed to empowering legal leadership in the design, build and execution of a spectrum of solutions in line with their immediate and long term objectives.