Case Studies

UnitedLex Provides Customized Security Awareness Program


  • The firm engaged UnitedLex to identify opportunities to enhance controls and mitigate vulnerabilities around critical data assets belonging to the firm and its clients. Additionally, the firm wanted to implement a customized information security awareness program to mitigate risks from user activities and elevate its employees’ abilities to identify potential threats.


UnitedLex deployed a team of cyber risk experts to perform a Critical Data Asset Risk (CDAR) Assessment consisting of three phases:

  • Phase I – Strategic Collaboration
  • Phase II – Critical Data Asset Identification
  • Phase III – Assess Vulnerabilities and Threats to Critical Data Assets

Business Impact

UnitedLex identified the critical data assets within our Client’s technical infrastructure and delivered a detailed analysis of the client’s current security posture including

  • Critical data asset risk identification and threat analysis
  • Risk score mapping by critical data type
  • Developed and presented customized information security awareness training

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