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UnitedLex Launches Game Changing eDiscovery Managed Service -- Questio

Questio Alters eDiscovery Paradigm by Streamlining Processes and Mitigating Risk Immediately Post Collection; Presents Law Firms and Corporate Counsel with Highest Accuracy of up-front eDiscovery Cost Estimation

Overland Park, KS (October 16, 2013)UnitedLex, a global provider of technology powered legal process and advisory services, today launched Questio™, a managed service that changes the traditional approach to eDiscovery and data management – materially reducing risk and cost while accelerating the case management process. Questio empowers in-house legal teams and law firms to identify and eliminate non-responsive data at a far earlier stage in the eDiscovery process, which results in material cost reduction – more than $2 of downstream cost per document eliminated and six to seven-figure cost savings for a typical data collection of 1TB. Questio allows legal teams to focus solely on responsive data relevant to the current case.

"Questio changes the economics and practice of eDiscovery by bridging the gap between the use of technology and the practice of law," said Dave Deppe, President of UnitedLex. "With Questio, legal teams now have a more efficient and cost-effective way to identify and extract only the most relevant information from massive volumes of data and make the most informed, strategic decisions much sooner than currently available technology allows. This not only saves time, effort and money, but it will likely have a material impact on the outcome of legal cases."

Questio's comprehensive managed services offering pairs senior legal consulting expertise with proprietary technology that combines targeted automation and data analysis expertise to intelligently reduce data and significantly reduce cost and risk, while dramatically improving the timeliness and efficiency of early data assessment and document review.

Avoiding Wasted Resources by Pairing Legal and Technology Expertise

Historically, technology vendors and legal teams have had limited understanding of each other's objectives. As a result, the eDiscovery process has remained largely inefficient and excessively expensive. Multiple factors – such as the exponential growth of corporate data and challenges with accurate categorization; the inability to easily target extraction directly from forensic images; and the lack of technology tools that can interact with data immediately post collection – have all contributed to escalating costs and higher risk.

Questio’s approach enables the elimination of non-responsive documents at the earlier ingestion stage – dramatically reducing time and expense for the legal and document review teams while helping them understand their data content and plan case strategy. In doing so, Questio provides a much more accurate estimation of the total cost of the entire eDiscovery process directly after data has been collected.

How Questio Works

On average, 80% of documents processed and promoted using traditional linear or technology-assisted review are unresponsive because legal teams are not able to effectively interact with the data to validate search results and remove false hits prior to processing and review. Questio pairs legal experts with proprietary targeted automation and a practical analytics tool suite that intelligently reduces data before processing. This process leads to dramatic improvements in the timeliness and efficiency of early data assessment (EDA) during the ingestion stage rather than the promotion, review and residual hosting stages – where much of the eDiscovery costs are traditionally incurred.

Legal teams and UnitedLex experts strategically work together to develop the most appropriate search terms and eliminate false hits, and identify material points of interest in litigation and investigations. Proprietary technology reads from forensic images, including file types, data ranges and exact files and folder paths notated during custodian interviews. Removal of NIST listed files occurs upon transfer of the selected data to the ingestion server. Files selected for ingestion are extracted automatically without expensive per-Gigabyte charges. A simple graphic user interface displays a custodian map and highlights who is talking to whom about what. By using Questio and our expertise legal teams are able to make content-based decisions early on in the eDiscovery process by learning the critical elements of the case related to custodian communication, identifying others that should be on legal hold and confirming the entire custodian base.

About UnitedLex

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Questio is a U.S. registered trademark owned by UnitedLex.