Case Studies

UnitedLex Assesses Third Party Data Risk


  • The company needed to assess and understand business risks associated with its relationships with two key third-party vendors based in Asia that support certain aspects of its critical business processes, from specialized software development services to staff augmentation support.


  • UnitedLex deployed a team of information security experts to assess of the information security posture of our client’s third party vendors and determine their access level to the client’s U.S. infrastructure consisting of three phases:
    • Phase I – Strategic Collaboration
    • Phase II – Third Party Assessments
    • Phase III – Security Enhancements Final Reporting

Business Impact

  • UnitedLex delivered a detailed analysis of the level of data risk created by the existing relationships with the client’s third party vendors which included
    • Assessed the cyber security posture of the third party vendors
    • Identified risks to our client’s critical data
    • Recommendations to mitigate identified risks and enhance the protection of our client’s sensitive information and critical data assets from external and internal threat actors

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