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UnitedLex Assessed Client’s Core Technology to Develop a Strategic Technology Plan

A major U.S.-Based Nonprofit Academic Hospital System engaged UnitedLex to help evaluate a new matter management system while driving efficiency and meeting financial goals.

Client Challenge

  1. The client needed to shift their Legal Department (Department) from a decentralized operating model that was largely siloed by region to a subject matter-based model to create greater efficiency within the organization. An evaluation and consolidation of the disparate processes and a reallocation of work from multiple individuals to one specialized team was a critical first step. This effort demanded a deeper level of communication and collaboration across the Department than previously required.
  2. In addition to changing the operating model, the Department was using a matter management system that was about to be sunset by the vendor. This caused the Department to reassess their entire technology strategy.
  3. The Department, which was recognized for providing excellent legal services, sought ways to add more value to clients via technology utilization for consistency and increased responsiveness.
  4. The Department’s strategic goals included:
    1. Providing coordinated legal services that balanced ongoing business demands while supporting the evolving strategic plan of the organization;
    2. Maintaining a systematic approach for utilization and management of internal resources;
    3. Meeting Departmental financial goals; and
    4. Attracting and retaining a talented and diverse staff.

UnitedLex Assessment

  1. UnitedLex’s Law Department Consulting Team assessed the core technology utilized by the Department to develop a Strategic Technology Plan focused on the technology investments the client should make, as well as the supporting process initiatives the client should undertake to ensure adoption, governance, and success.
  2. The client’s most notable strength was its internal team members who provided personalized delivery of legal services to their clients.
  3. This desire for outstanding service delivery and responsiveness highlighted the fact that their current operating model, technology, and technology philosophy did not allow them to perform as efficiently as possible. The inconsistent and fragmented use of outdated technology to capture institutional knowledge had taken a toll on the team.

UnitedLex Solution

  1. As part of the supporting process initiatives recommended, the UnitedLex Team facilitated Project Management and Delegation Skills training across the Department. These skills were essential to supporting the new operating model in which the work would be managed by team members in separate physical locations.
  2. The Strategic Technology Roadmap analysis revealed an urgent need to invest in an updated matter management and eBilling system that could support the goals of the Department.
  3. UnitedLex coordinated the selection process, identifying a system that was up-to-date, user friendly, and able to capture and share knowledge.
  4. While evaluating a new matter management system, UnitedLex developed a new taxonomy that more accurately reflected the work performed by the Department and would serve as the foundation for the technology design and reporting.
  5. The design of the new matter management system included a process for capturing legal service requests via a portal that would be made available to business clients. This portal would also be utilized for Legal Department team members to capture questions that are submitted via phone or email, as well as the advice and counsel provided. This advice can then be archived and searched by the Department later to be used internally for knowledge sharing and precedent work, as well as to develop FAQs or other service-enabling tools.
  6. Throughout the matter management design, configuration, and implementation, UnitedLex employed its Change Champion Framework to ease the transition to the new operating model and technology platform.

Business Impact Delivered

  1. The new matter management and eBilling system went live in late July 2018 and:
    1. Facilitated consistency and expertise in advice given to business clients through the designed knowledge management process;
    2. Increased fact-based decision making based on enhanced dashboard, reporting, and searching;
    3. Increased knowledge sharing across the Department through the active project management of matters and centralized location of institutional knowledge; and
    4. Increased utilization of electronic invoicing and budgeting to meet financial goals.
    5. A new member of the legal operations team was hired to oversee system administration and governance. This individual brings significant change management and technological expertise and will play the ongoing role of ‘internal technology consultant’ to the Department.
    6. A Strategic Technology Roadmap was created and included estimated costs, timeline, and supplemental initiatives for additional technology and process investment in the areas of contract management, immigration management, and entity management.
    7. This true partnership between the client and UnitedLex spans more than 2.5 years and ensures that UnitedLex deeply understands the Department’s strategic goals. Not only was UnitedLex able to apply its knowledge of the technology and process design to this project, but it was also able to clearly articulate to the Department how and why the technology was important to meeting their vision.

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