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The Rise of Legal Service Providers

Recently, I was interviewed by Lee Pacchia of Mimesis Law to discuss a report from Deloitte that spoke about the willingness of in-house legal departments to consider using non-law firm legal service providers. While it was a very interesting discussion, the topic is certainly not news to us. If anything, the current changes and trends in the legal landscape show that law firms and law departments need to more aggressively evaluate their options or risk being at a material competitive disadvantage.

Organizations have started to think about maximizing the efficiency of their legal departments and how law firms have truly started to think about external advisors as strategic partners, instead of mere third party service providers. They are asking critical questions to find the right partners. Are they able to offer a complete solution? Can these organizations truly consolidate the technology, project management, and domain expertise to help law firms and legal departments succeed?

We also need to start the conversation on delivering greater business impact for our clients. I strongly believe that this begins and ends with technology. Technology is a key enabler that needs to be woven into solutions and help drive decision making. As a practicing technologist and attorney myself, I have seen how combining key insight with the strategic use of technology can drive cost savings, accelerate revenue, and dramatically reduce risk profiles. Although the legal industry has been a historically slow adopter of technology, we will see this change.

UnitedLex thrives in change and challenge because we stand by our core values of commitment and passion. It is really easy to go to work every day when you have something to look forward to. I am excited to continue our innovative streak and provide even greater value for our clients and partners because this is how we will drive transformation within the global legal profession.

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