Case Studies

Questio Provides Early Legal Intelligence to Set Case Strategy


  • A multi-national medical device manufacturers seeks monetary relief based on 10 former sales representatives violating a number of non-compete agreements, claiming over $20 million in lost medical device sales. The client engaged UnitedLex while actively engaged in settlement negotiations as they rushed for depositions and production.


  • Questio consultants performed a communications analysis on 278 GB, or 782K documents, collected from Defendents’ personal and business email addresses to identify communications with specific customers, hospitals, doctors and products as well as locate confidential spreadsheets and customer lists.

Business Impact

  • Questio consultants reduced collection by 95% through search term refinement and junk file analysis to 5 GB, or 35K documents.
  • Questio consultants confirmed that no communications existed between Defendants and other employees, that no disparaging correspondence about their employer was made prior to departure and that Defendants only solicited business outside the scope of their non-compete agreements.
  • Questio consultants identified the only confidential business document that was shared outside of company.
  • Leveraging the lack of evidence of perceived wrongdoing during the Questio engagement, the case was settled without document review or productions.

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